Psychology and humour – a personal perspective and a unifying theory

Over the winter of 2012/2013, I spent many of my Sundays laughing my way through an excellent stand up comedy course run by Logan Murry.

I wrote up a summary of my experience, and the British Psychological Society’s official magazine, The Psychologist, published my thoughts on humour and psychology in their April special edition all about humour.


You can read my article here in their archive. I’d highly recommend the other articles on humour too.

Happy reading!



About Rob Bailey

A research psychologist specialising in the assessment of personality. I also perform a mind-reading show under the stage name The 'Psychic' Psychologist. I have authored/co-authored five humour books. The views expressed here are my own; unless otherwise stated the views do not reflect those of my employer.
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One Response to Psychology and humour – a personal perspective and a unifying theory

  1. Emma Woods says:

    LMFAO thank you! I am about to embark on an Access course this September with a view to study Psychology as a mature student in 2014 and your blogs and articles have made me look forward to study all the more. I am guessing that as the course develops and I learn more about the science of Psychology and about myself I will make some kind of decision about which field of research I want to pursue. On recently reading another Psychologists profile and now your articles I am already keen to look at the effect of using humour in counselling/therapy and psycho analysis. I’m sure it’s been done but hasn’t everything? Thanks again, Emma

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