Is graphology a valid recruitment method?

In October, BBC Radio 4 ended a broadcast of the Today Programme with what was meant to be a light-hearted article on graphology .

Unfortunately it appeared from the show that Auntie Beeb was promoting the daft pseudoscience that is handwriting analysis. Even worse, they seemed to have realised what they’d done, but did nothing to correct themselves. I was a bit disturbed about this, because I worry about people having to submit their handwriting for analysis in job selection. This is simply wrong, because handwriting has nothing useful to say about job performance, so has absolutely no place in a recruitment situation. In an economic climate where so many are desperate to get jobs, I hate to think of unfair practices standing in the way of deserving candidates.

With my work hat on, I wrote about what silly nonsense it all is. You can read the blog here.



About Rob Bailey

A research psychologist specialising in the assessment of personality. I also perform a mind-reading show under the stage name The 'Psychic' Psychologist. I have authored/co-authored five humour books. The views expressed here are my own; unless otherwise stated the views do not reflect those of my employer.
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